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We provide more than tax and accounting services. We provide solutions. Maxwell would have it no other way.



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Maxwell Shmerler

...after receiving his degree in accounting from New York University, Maxwell Shmerler formed Shmerler, Wolfe and Blattner, CPAs residing at 15 Park Row in Manhattan.

In 1921 Shmerler, Wolfe and Blattner became Shmerler & Wolfe. Then in 1923, Maxwell Shmerler and Morley Wolfe joined forces with Fred Tourin to form Shmerler, Wolfe & Tourin, CPAs, and moved to 551 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

In 1943 Maxwell Shmerler parted ways with Fred Tourin and Morley Wolfe and formed Maxwell Shmerler & Co. Our CPA firm continues to this day to bear his name.

Although representing a wide-range of business and individual clients, Maxwell Shmerler and Company has never lost sight of our founder's goals - to provide the best accounting and tax services, and, just as importantly, to be there when our clients need us. Today, not next week or next month. Not many CPA firms, old or new, can make such a claim.

We suceed when our clients succeed. Maxwell Shmerler would have had it no other way.

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About Us

Maxwell Shmerler & Co. provides accounting and tax services, but much more. Whether it is advice on retirement, tax planning, business expansion, or simply which computer to buy, we are there for our clients. Let us be there for your tax and accounting needs.